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Euronext Launches Sustainability Initiatives and ESG Tools to Support Climate Commitment

ESGEuronext Launches Sustainability Initiatives and ESG Tools to Support Climate Commitment

Euronext, the European market infrastructure provider, has unveiled a series of sustainability-focused initiatives and ESG tools to support its climate commitment and strategic priorities. These initiatives aim to facilitate sustainable finance and climate action within the European economy.

Among the newly launched tools is “My ESG Profile,” a digital tool enabling issuers to showcase their sustainability efforts and providing investors with access to ESG data. Euronext plans to offer standardized non-financial issuer data on its website through nearly 1,900 ESG company profiles, becoming the first exchange to do so.

Euronext has also introduced a family of biodiversity-focused indices, including the Euronext Biodiversity Enablers index, developed in partnership with Iceberg Data Lab. These indices highlight companies’ positive biodiversity impact using metrics like Dependency Exposure Score and Biodiversity Avoided Impact, with companies selected from the “Euronext World Index” universe.

Additionally, Euronext aims to enhance ESG content in its pre-IPO educational programs and has published an “ESG pre-IPO guide” offering best practices recommendations for ESG integration during the IPO process.

In alignment with the CSRD directive, Euronext believes that sustainable finance progress relies on improved extra-financial standards and precise, regulated ESG criteria. Their ESG products and services are designed to empower companies in their pursuit of these goals.

Furthermore, Euronext has established the “Euronext Foundation,” which focuses on supporting sustainable communities and projects across Europe. Areas of emphasis include financial literacy, diversity and inclusion, and marine resources.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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