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Apple Backs California Senate Bill Mandating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure

ESGApple Backs California Senate Bill Mandating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure

Apple has expressed its support for California Senate Bill 253 (SB 253), which proposes mandatory greenhouse gas emissions disclosure for large U.S. companies operating in California. In a letter to state Senator Scott Wiener, Apple commended the legislation, which would apply to companies with revenues over $1 billion, starting disclosure obligations in 2026 for direct (Scope 1) and electricity-related (Scope 2) emissions and in 2027 for indirect emissions, including supply chains and other factors (Scope 3).

Apple praised the bill’s comprehensive Scope 3 reporting requirements, third-party assurance, and alignment with emerging climate reporting standards. The tech giant has been a vocal advocate for climate disclosure, having called on the SEC to introduce consistent, audited emissions reporting in 2021. In 2022, Apple announced its own supply chain emissions reporting requirements.

In its letter, Apple expressed strong support for climate disclosures as a means to enhance transparency and combat climate change, thanking Senator Wiener for his leadership in driving comprehensive emissions disclosure. Additionally, Apple recommended considering internationally recognized reporting standards beyond the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and more frequent reviews of the standards.

Apple believes that SB 253 would encourage companies to accelerate their efforts towards carbon neutrality and foster collaboration with their supply chains, aligning with Apple’s own initiatives in this regard. The tech giant thanked Senator Wiener for his efforts in maintaining California’s leadership in the fight against climate change.

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