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Violet Launches Free Permissionless Compliance Suite for On-Chain Finance Builders

KYCViolet Launches Free Permissionless Compliance Suite for On-Chain Finance Builders

Today, Violet has unveiled its permissionless Compliance as a Service suite, allowing any builder to access Violet as a public infrastructure service without fees. The suite, developed at the intersection of compliance and on-chain finance, consists of four key products:

  1. VioletID: A privacy-preserving compliance credential that is composable and reusable across chains.
  2. AML Protection: Providing comprehensive anti-money laundering guarantees, including know-your-customer (KYC), know-your-transaction (KYT), sanctions list checks, and more.
  3. Geofencing: Enabling the blocking of user access from specific countries at the protocol level.
  4. Sybil: Leveraging VioletID’s proof of humanity to prevent Sybil attacks.

Violet seamlessly orchestrates various compliance primitives, encompassing AML functions, sanctions lists, KYC/B, KYT, geofencing, and authentication. The user-friendly interface is available on-chain, facilitating easy integration without requiring prior compliance knowledge. All Violet products are designed for plug-and-play functionality.

Notably, Violet prioritizes privacy, ensuring that all compliance products adhere to the highest data protection standards. No personally identifiable information is ever stored on-chain, aligning with Violet’s commitment to privacy.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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