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El Monte Earns High Praise in State of Cannabis Report for Prioritizing Public Health and Youth Education

MRBEl Monte Earns High Praise in State of Cannabis Report for Prioritizing Public Health and Youth Education

The City of El Monte has received recognition for its commendable efforts in prioritizing public health, safeguarding youth, and promoting social equity within the cannabis industry. In the 5th annual State of Cannabis Report by Getting it Right from the Start, a project of the Public Health Institute (PHI), El Monte secured the third-highest score among California cities, with 49 points out of 100. Mayor Jessica Ancona emphasized the city’s commitment to directing cannabis sales tax revenue toward programs focused on educating youth about responsible cannabis use.

El Monte’s high score is attributed to various actions, including dedicating tax revenue to youth programs and addiction prevention. The city’s commitment to addressing challenges associated with cannabis legalization has been lauded. Alma Martinez, El Monte City Manager, highlighted the city’s dedication to setting an example for responsible cannabis practices, youth education, and robust enforcement of regulations.

Despite El Monte’s strides, the statewide average score for jurisdictions allowing cannabis retail remains low, indicating a need for greater emphasis on public health, youth protection, and social equity. The report underscores concerns about harmful patterns of cannabis use, necessitating a comprehensive approach.

El Monte was awarded a $3 million grant in April 2023 from the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC). The grant supports the city’s Commercial Cannabis Permit Program, drug prevention programs for youth, and enforcement efforts by the El Monte Police Department. The allocation of funds focuses on establishing dedicated positions for Commercial Code Enforcement and Community Service Officers, developing targeted cannabis awareness programs for at-risk youth, and enhancing the police department’s capacity for proactive enforcement against both legal and illegal cannabis operators citywide.

El Monte aims to serve as a model for responsible cannabis use, youth education, and effective enforcement of laws and regulations concerning cannabis operators in the city.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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