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PwC UK Partners with Clearspeed to Revolutionize Risk Assessment and Combat Fraud

AI/MLPwC UK Partners with Clearspeed to Revolutionize Risk Assessment and Combat Fraud

PwC UK has announced a strategic partnership with Clearspeed, a voice analytics technology provider, to offer automated risk assessment at scale. This collaboration aims to provide PwC’s clients with the ability to enhance their customers’ experiences by expediting claims, applications, or processes while effectively managing fraud risks across their operations.

Clearspeed’s voice-based technology employs AI to conduct highly accurate and unbiased risk assessments. By asking a set of simple questions, Clearspeed’s platform can identify vocal characteristics in responses that are associated with risk in real-time. This partnership enables PwC to assist organizations dealing with high volumes of customer interactions, particularly in sectors like insurance, banking, and the public sector, to process a significantly higher number of cases successfully, swiftly, and without requiring additional human intervention.

Fraud is a significant concern across all sectors of the economy and society, accounting for more than 40% of all reported crimes in the UK. The UK Government has recently launched a new Fraud Strategy to combat scams, bring fraudsters to justice, and invest in the establishment of a National Fraud Squad.

In this context, finding and implementing new methods to combat fraud while meeting customer service expectations is crucial. PwC UK looks forward to partnering with Clearspeed to enhance its clients’ customer experiences and contribute to the fight against fraud.

Clearspeed is excited about this collaboration and its potential to address fraud-related challenges in various industries, including insurance, financial services, government, immigration, and sports integrity. As the cost of living rises and the digital economy continues to transform, fraud rates have increased, posing challenges to traditional fraud detection technologies.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and next-generation voice analytics, Clearspeed aims to revolutionize risk assessment and help businesses stay ahead of emerging threats while building trust in an increasingly complex landscape.


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