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Indonesia-Korea Collaboration Unveils GDEP: Pioneering a Sustainable Digital Economy Revolution

ESGIndonesia-Korea Collaboration Unveils GDEP: Pioneering a Sustainable Digital Economy Revolution

The Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP), backed by Dr. Moeldoko, Indonesia’s Presidential Chief of Staff, marks a significant milestone in Indonesia and Korea’s joint efforts to promote sustainability, digital well-being, and advance the digital economy. This international collaboration involves HumanX, the Maju Tani Movement, and the DQ Institute.

Following its endorsement at the 24th ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit, which focused on green and digital economy initiatives, the GDEP is unveiled. It pioneers a “cross economy” model, beyond the traditional “circular economy,” harnessing Korea’s tech expertise, Indonesia’s vast resources, and global R&D and investment. It aims to drive innovations in agri-tech, climate-tech, and carbon trading, monitored by the Digital-ESG Index.

The GDEP, with an expected investment exceeding $1 billion, seeks to engage a wide range of stakeholders to foster innovation and sustainable growt

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