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OKG Technology Launches Comprehensive AML Platform for Virtual Asset Companies and Financial Institutions

CryptoOKG Technology Launches Comprehensive AML Platform for Virtual Asset Companies and Financial Institutions

OKG Technology Holdings Limited (OKG Tech) has launched an all-in-one anti-money laundering (AML) platform called OKLink Onchain AML. This platform is designed to provide compliance and risk detection solutions for virtual asset companies, DeFi projects, and financial institutions using advanced know-your-transaction, know-your-address, blockchain indicators, and security audit technologies.

Key features of the OKLink Onchain AML platform include:

  1. Support for 100+ Blockchains: The platform supports a wide range of blockchain networks, making it versatile for different virtual assets.
  2. Comprehensive Label Library: It offers a comprehensive label library that attaches identifiers to blockchain addresses to detect and identify risky contracts, addresses, tokens, and illicit activities.
  3. Transaction History: The platform maintains a history of all transactions recorded across multiple blockchains, enhancing its risk detection and AML capabilities.
  4. Customizable Screening and Tracing: Users can customize the platform’s transaction screening and tracing capabilities according to specific compliance programs, risk policies, or other requirements.

Use cases for the OKLink Onchain AML platform include:

  • Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) seeking to meet regulatory requirements and safeguard against financial crimes and sanctioned entities.
  • Financial institutions and service providers looking for enhanced compliance solutions to detect on-chain illicit activities.
  • DeFi projects and on-chain protocols aiming to mitigate risks through customizable alerts for financial misconduct, sanctions violations, and more.
  • Government entities and law enforcement agencies working to identify and investigate virtual asset transaction risks and financial crimes.

The launch of this platform follows the implementation of new licensing regulations for VASPs in Hong Kong, which came into effect on June 1, 2023. These regulations emphasize the importance of regulatory compliance, including AML and on-chain transaction monitoring.

OKG Tech aims to provide transparency and security to the virtual asset industry through its AML platform and other blockchain-powered tools.


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