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NICE Actimize Launches Financial Crime & Compliance Risk Management Roadshow Across Key U.S. Cities

AI/MLNICE Actimize Launches Financial Crime & Compliance Risk Management Roadshow Across Key U.S. Cities

NICE Actimize, a subsidiary of NICE (NASDAQ: NICE), has launched its Financial Crime & Compliance Risk Management Roadshow, which will visit five key U.S. cities during the fall season. The roadshow will focus on topics such as FRAML (Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering), the impact of real-time payments, and Next Gen AI trends and solutions in the financial crime and compliance space.

The roadshow events will kick off in Dallas on September 12 and conclude in Chicago on November 2, with stops in Boston, San Francisco, and New York along the way. Financial institutions of all sizes, including community banks and credit unions, are invited to attend these complimentary events to explore critical industry trends and issues.

Topics covered during the roadshow include the launch of the FedNow Service for Instant Payments and its implications for fraud and anti-money laundering efforts, challenges related to scammers and bank liability, and technology trends shaping long-term planning and decision-making for financial institutions, including artificial intelligence and Generative AI.

The roadshow will feature speakers from NICE Actimize’s team, as well as renowned thought leaders in the industry, including Ken Palla from Palla Consulting and Eric Tran-Le, Vice President and Head of Premier at NICE Actimize. Additional speakers, including representatives from Microsoft and Federal Reserve Financial Services, will be scheduled for appearances in New York and Boston.

Financial institutions interested in attending the roadshow events can find further information and register on the NICE Actimize website.


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