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California’s Landmark Bill: Legalizing Marijuana Cafes and Cannabis Lounges

MRBCalifornia's Landmark Bill: Legalizing Marijuana Cafes and Cannabis Lounges

A California bill, which would legalize marijuana cafes, has cleared its final legislative hurdle and is now on its way to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. This bill, known as AB 374, allows dispensaries to serve non-cannabis food and beverages at their establishments with local approval.

AB 374 permits local governments to authorize cannabis consumption lounges to sell non-cannabis food and soft drinks, while still prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoking at these cafes. Additionally, the bill allows for live musical performances and the sale of tickets for such events at licensed cannabis retailers and microbusinesses.

While retailers and microbusinesses can offer freshly prepared food and drinks, prepackaged food sales are limited to retailers in accordance with regulations set by the state’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC).

Notably, the bill has been amended to clarify that hemp-based food and drinks are not considered “non-cannabis” products for sale at these cafes. It also stipulates that non-cannabis items must be stored and displayed separately from cannabis products on the premises.

Governor Newsom, a long-time supporter of cannabis legalization, has yet to publicly comment on this legislation.

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