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Sonik Coin (SONIK) Presale Token Claim Begins on September 7th Amidst Surging Interest and High Staking Participation

CryptoSonik Coin (SONIK) Presale Token Claim Begins on September 7th Amidst Surging Interest and High Staking Participation

The Sonik Coin (SONIK) meme cryptocurrency project has announced that presale buyers can claim their tokens on September 7th at 9 am UTC. The initial DEX offering on Uniswap will also occur at the same time. Sonik Coin is nearing its hard cap of $2.098 million, having raised over $1.7 million. Early investors can still purchase SONIK tokens at the listing price of $0.000014 until the claim date on the 7th. The presale has already exceeded $1.76 million in funding.

Additionally, Sonik Coin’s staking pool has attracted nearly 50 billion tokens, representing around 17% of the total supply and over 33% of the circulating supply at launch. This high staking participation could potentially impact the token’s price positively following its Uniswap listing. The current staking APY is 48%, with early stakers enjoying an APY of over 20,000%.

Sonik Coin has gained visibility, appearing in the trending headlines section of CoinMarketCap. Only a limited number of presale tokens are still available, and the next opportunity to purchase SONIK will be during its Uniswap listing in approximately 36 hours. However, caution is advised as scammers may attempt to impersonate the project and deceive holders with phishing links. It’s recommended to follow official social channels for trading links and not engage with direct messages from unknown sources.

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