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Bybit’s TradeGPT: AI-Powered Language Tool Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Trading Insights

AI/MLBybit's TradeGPT: AI-Powered Language Tool Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Trading Insights

Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has introduced a language-based trading tool called TradeGPT, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to provide trading insights and answer technical queries based on market data. TradeGPT is described as an AI-powered educational tool that harnesses the generative capabilities of ChatGPT’s large language model along with Bybit’s in-house ToolsGPT to offer real-time market analysis and responses to user questions in multiple languages.

TradeGPT not only furnishes market analysis but also provides information about market strategies and products that are being discussed with users. Bybit initially launched ToolsGPT in June 2023, which integrates ChatGPT’s machine learning and AI capabilities with Bybit’s market data to conduct technical and funding analysis, as well as model predictions.

Bybit is not the only cryptocurrency exchange to explore AI-powered tools for enhancing user experience and providing unique insights into token prices, market movements, and projects. Other exchanges like, Binance, OKX, and Solana Labs have also integrated AI tools into their platforms for various purposes, from user assistance to market analysis and trading opportunities.

The introduction of these AI tools follows Bybit’s recent offering of lending services to its users, allowing them to earn interest on deposited cryptocurrencies on the exchange. AI continues to drive innovation across multiple sectors, and its application in the cryptocurrency industry is gaining traction. AI-powered tools like ChatGPT are being employed to generate educational content, offer user assistance, and provide insights into market trends and opportunities. The growth of AI in this space is exemplified by the increasing interest in AI-powered hardware and chips, such as Nvidia’s H100 Tensor Core GPUs, for various AI applications.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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