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TrueNorth Partners with RADD LLC to Integrate Regulatory Compliance into FinTech Solutions

FinTechTrueNorth Partners with RADD LLC to Integrate Regulatory Compliance into FinTech Solutions

TrueNorth, a prominent global financial technology services firm, has partnered with RADD LLC, a renowned compliance consulting and internal audit company, as part of its strategy to integrate regulatory compliance into its financial technology solutions.

TrueNorth, headquartered in New York City, is a major player in the global FinTech industry, having contributed to the success of fintech unicorns like Upgrade, LendingClub, and Dianrong. The company specializes in developing digital banking solutions and has a track record of building 45 unique enterprises, executing 120 digital transformations, and enhancing 40 products. It operates development centers globally and has multiple strategic offices across the United States.

RADD is well-known for its expertise in compliance consulting and internal auditing, focusing on constructing robust regulatory compliance programs to mitigate compliance-related risks.

This partnership signifies added value for TrueNorth’s clients, who can now benefit from a combination of innovation and rigorous compliance in every solution they receive.

By joining forces with RADD, TrueNorth reaffirms its commitment to revolutionize the FinTech landscape. This collaboration ensures that TrueNorth’s products not only excel in terms of features but also adhere unwaveringly to compliance standards. It merges TrueNorth’s innovative vision with RADD’s compliance acumen, providing market-leading solutions that prioritize both capability and compliance.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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