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Surecomp and Pelican AI Join Forces to Transform Trade-Based Risk Management with AI-Driven Solutions

AI/MLSurecomp and Pelican AI Join Forces to Transform Trade-Based Risk Management with AI-Driven Solutions

Surecomp, a prominent player in the trade finance industry, and Pelican AI, a global provider of AI-driven financial crime and compliance solutions, have announced a strategic partnership with the goal of revolutionizing digital trade-based risk management.

This collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for simplified and readily accessible data from trade documents, driving the digital transformation of trade-based risk management.

Surecomp, well-known in the trade finance sector, is committed to facilitating global trade and improving the efficiency and compliance of the trade finance process.

Pelican AI, with over two decades of experience in applying Artificial Intelligence to finance, offers solutions that enhance and secure the trade lifecycle for banks and corporations in over 55 countries. They process transactions worth over US$10tn and have a global presence with offices in major financial hubs worldwide.

This partnership empowers financial institutions with intelligent automation in trade document processing, ensuring accurate data extraction and validation. Through the RIVO™ platform, institutions can enhance trade productivity, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and manage growing trade volumes efficiently. The partnership addresses the challenge faced by many financial institutions: balancing regulatory compliance with growth without straining resources.

The complex, paper-based nature of trade finance necessitates automation to scale operations while adhering to industry standards, a need that digital solutions like those offered by Surecomp and Pelican AI can fulfill.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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