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IGCC Unveils ‘Road to Resilience’ Strategy: Elevating Climate-Adaptive Investments in Australia and New Zealand

ESGIGCC Unveils 'Road to Resilience' Strategy: Elevating Climate-Adaptive Investments in Australia and New Zealand

The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) has introduced the ‘Road to Resilience’ strategy, aiming to enhance climate resilience investments in Australia and New Zealand. Running from September 2023 to December 2025, this plan will guide actions to foster climate-adaptive initiatives among investors, policymakers, and businesses.

The strategy’s main goals include integrating insights on physical climate risks into climate-related efforts, promoting understanding of climate hazards, advocating for adaptation-centered policies conducive to investments, and directing private funds toward resilience projects.

The IGCC has established clear benchmarks to achieve these aims. It emphasizes investor support for policies strengthening climate resilience in vulnerable regions and driving investment in adaptation measures.

Members of IGCC are encouraged to take ownership of the strategy, refine it, and implement it in their respective organizations.

Australia and New Zealand had earlier committed to joint climate action with Pacific nations to ensure regional resilience. Their finance ministers plan to convene annually for this climate-focused endeavor.

The IGCC strategy underscores that this marks the beginning of an ongoing dialogue and outlines the organization’s role in connecting, collaborating, and advocating for investors.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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