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Redaptive Secures $125 Million Financing from Deutsche Bank for Energy-as-a-Service Expansion

ESGRedaptive Secures $125 Million Financing from Deutsche Bank for Energy-as-a-Service Expansion

Redaptive, a leader in Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), has secured $125 million in financing from Deutsche Bank’s US Private Credit & Infrastructure group. This funding will support the expansion of Redaptive’s energy-saving and sustainability solutions, including metering, HVAC, solar, LED, and EV projects. The financing comes in the form of a securitization-style warehouse facility, which will allow Redaptive to offer competitive pricing for its EaaS and data services by leveraging its diverse portfolio of customer contracts.

Redaptive’s EaaS model assists large corporations in achieving their net-zero goals through comprehensive energy-saving and renewable upgrades. The company’s metering platform, Redaptive ONE, monitors building performance and resource consumption, enabling accurate ESG reporting for customer building portfolios.

Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch, has been chosen as the facility agent for this financing, and its Trust & Agency ABS and Document Custody Services team will serve as the account bank and verification agent.

The partnership is expected to help Redaptive solidify its position in the EaaS market and accelerate the adoption of its sustainability solutions to support companies’ net-zero ambitions and energy efficiency goals.

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