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n-Tier Awarded ‘Most Reliable Regtech Provider’ by FinanceFeeds for Compliance Workbench Platform

RegTechn-Tier Awarded 'Most Reliable Regtech Provider' by FinanceFeeds for Compliance Workbench Platform

n-Tier, a technology company specializing in data management for the brokerage sector, has been awarded the FinanceFeeds Award for “Most Reliable Regtech Provider.” The company’s Compliance Workbench platform assists clients in managing regulatory compliance risks and costs efficiently.

n-Tier’s Compliance Workbench is designed to adapt to changing regulations and emerging norms across multiple jurisdictions with minimal IT intervention or infrastructure changes. It offers real-time processing capabilities to assess voluminous reports swiftly and harmonizes disparate data sets to ensure reporting accuracy and completeness.

The platform is highly configurable and user-friendly, empowering organizations to embrace self-service automation that improves response time, customer satisfaction, and efficiency while reducing costs. n-Tier has achieved CAIS Report Submitter certification, enabling clients to comply with CAIS deadlines and requirements seamlessly.

n-Tier’s innovative approach to data management and reporting has earned the company recognition as the “Most Reliable Regtech Provider.” Their platform helps businesses navigate regulatory and non-regulatory obligations effectively across various sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.

FinanceFeeds commended n-Tier for offering businesses essential tools to transform their data and reporting management practices. The company’s Compliance Workbench solution stood out as a customizable and streamlined solution tailored to address unique data and regulatory report management challenges.

n-Tier’s impact on the industry stems from its unique combination of deep industry expertise and innovative technology, empowering organizations to manage the accuracy and completeness of critical business data effectively. Their solutions have made a significant impact on small broker dealers and Tier 1 financial services organizations alike.


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