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Wall Street Memes Coin Surges with $25 Million Presale and Innovative Staking Service

CryptoWall Street Memes Coin Surges with $25 Million Presale and Innovative Staking Service

The Wall Street Memes coin, drawing inspiration from the meme stocks movement, has generated significant attention within the crypto sphere, securing an impressive $25 million in its recent presale round.

The specific identities of the investors in this presale have not been explicitly revealed in the original text.

Leveraging the momentum of the meme stocks phenomenon, Wall Street Memes coin aims to embody the spirit of the ‘small investor challenging Wall Street’ within the realm of cryptocurrency. As the presale heads towards its conclusion, the coin’s value has steadily increased, displaying a noticeable rise from $0.033 to $0.0337 during its final phase.

In addition to its fundraising success, Wall Street Memes coin has introduced a novel staking service and announced plans for listings on prominent exchanges, slated for September 27th.

The trajectory of Wall Street Memes coin has been impressive, with a rapid collection of over $350,000 in a mere 12-hour span. The newly launched staking service has already attracted 7% of the presale allocation, boasting an annual percentage yield of 283% according to the current staking dashboard.

Staking holds a central role in their offering, offering passive income opportunities and bolstering the coin’s resilience against market volatility. A similar staking-centered coin,, often referred to as ‘version 2’, has seen an 80% surge in price since its inception.

Prior to this, the creators of Wall Street Memes demonstrated their expertise in the cryptocurrency domain by launching the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, a limited edition of 10,000 pieces that sold out in just 32 minutes, resulting in an impressive $2.5 million earnings.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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