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Altum Group Implements RiskScreen’s KYC Platform for Enhanced Efficiency and Technological Excellence

KYCAltum Group Implements RiskScreen's KYC Platform for Enhanced Efficiency and Technological Excellence

Altum Group, a prominent global provider of Fund, Corporate, and Family Office Solutions, has successfully integrated RiskScreen’s pioneering KYC platform, marking a significant step in its journey towards tech-driven efficiency and sustainable growth. Faced with manual onboarding challenges and complex regulations, Altum partnered with RiskScreen for an all-encompassing solution.

Altum’s CEO, Zena Couppey, stated, ‘Our collaboration with RiskScreen accelerates our pursuit of efficiency and tech excellence. To stay competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape, embracing advanced technology is crucial. This partnership showcases our dedication to exceptional client services and industry leadership.’

Recognizing the transformative impact of technology, Altum invested in cutting-edge solutions. RiskScreen’s advanced electronic onboarding and screening solutions are set to revolutionize operations, managing risks effectively. Integrating RiskScreen’s capabilities enables Altum to proactively handle onboarding, ensure compliance, and foster sustainable growth amid complexity.

Stephen Platt, CEO of RiskScreen, emphasized, ‘We’re excited to collaborate with Altum Group, aligning our unique compliance-focused approach with their innovation drive. Altum’s commitment to excellence resonates as we deliver award-winning customer onboarding, screening, and pKYC solutions.’

This partnership signifies an evolution in Altum’s offerings, merging industry insight with tech innovation. Altum and RiskScreen together aim to redefine efficiency norms, drive tech advancement, and set new benchmarks for adaptable businesses in the fund administration landscape.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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