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NAACP Backs Federal Cannabis Legalization and Workers’ Right to Unionize in Historic Resolution

MRBNAACP Backs Federal Cannabis Legalization and Workers' Right to Unionize in Historic Resolution

The NAACP has reiterated its support for the federal legalization of cannabis and has adopted a new stance in favor of workers in the cannabis industry and their right to unionize. This decision was made during the 114th NAACP National Convention held in late July.

The NAACP has been actively involved in advocating for cannabis policy reform since at least 2010, when it called for a national study on the enforcement of marijuana prohibition laws and their impact on Black Americans. Subsequently, the organization has called for decriminalization, the regulation of medical and adult-use cannabis, and greater opportunities for African Americans in the regulated cannabis industry. Last year, the NAACP also supported legislation to provide banking services to cannabis businesses, particularly those owned by Black individuals and social equity applicants.

This year’s resolution includes a new dimension, expressing support for workers in the cannabis industry and advocating for labor peace agreements. It acknowledges that the majority of individuals in the cannabis industry are workers rather than owners and highlights the need for fair and safe workplaces and family-sustaining jobs for these workers.

The resolution emphasizes that union representation, training, apprenticeships, and education programs can promote diversity in the cannabis industry, benefiting communities that have historically suffered from the consequences of marijuana prohibition.

Furthermore, the resolution calls for legislation that treats all cannabis workers as employees under the National Labor Relations Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It also asserts the right of cannabis industry workers to join, form, or organize a union.

By FCCT Editorial Team

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