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Designating Two Syrian Factions and Their Leaders in Connection with Serious Human Rights Abuses

Human RightsDesignating Two Syrian Factions and Their Leaders in Connection with Serious Human Rights Abuses

Today, the United States is imposing sanctions on two armed Syrian factions – the Suleiman Shah Brigade and the Hamza Division – in connection to serious human rights abuses committed in northern Syria, including abduction, severe physical abuse, and rape.  We are also designating Mohammad al-Jasim and his brother Walid al-Jasim, both leaders of the Suleiman Shah Brigade, and Sayf Boulad Abu Bakr, leader of the Hamza Division, for their connection to serious human rights abuses.  A car dealership owned by Mohammad al-Jasim is also being designated.

After twelve years of immense suffering, Syrians continue to face human rights abuses at the hands of many parties to the conflict.  Today’s actions demonstrate the United States’ commitment to promoting accountability for perpetrators of human rights abuses in Syria no matter the actor and to advancing justice for victims and survivors of these abuses.  Along with our allies and partners, the United States will continue our unwavering support to promote respect for the dignity and human rights of all Syrians.

U.S. sanctions are specifically designed so as not to impede humanitarian aid delivery, early recovery, or humanitarian resilience programs. The Department of the Treasury is taking this action pursuant to Executive Order 13894which authorizes sanctions on certain entities and individuals for, among other things, having engaged in the commission of serious human rights abuse in Syria. For more information about these designations, see the Department of the Treasury’s press release.

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