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Special Representative for International Labor Affairs Fay Rodríguez Travels to Lesotho and South Africa

Human RightsSpecial Representative for International Labor Affairs Fay Rodríguez Travels to Lesotho and South Africa

Special Representative for International Labor Affairs Kelly Fay Rodríguez will travel to Lesotho and South Africa July 27-31.

In Lesotho and South Africa, Special Representative Fay Rodríguez will meet with government officials, trade unions, labor rights defenders, employer representatives, U.S. companies, and civil society organizations.  These meetings will cover a range of labor issues including just energy transition and critical minerals, elevating international labor standards in development finance, threats to freedom of association, internationally recognized worker rights, worker-centered trade, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination, and prevention of forced labor and the worst forms of child labor in supply chains.

Special Representative Fay Rodríguez will participate in panel discussions at a high-level labor summit in Lesotho on July 27, developing best practices and identifying actions for governments, labor unions, and employers to eradicate gender-based violence and harassment at work.  She will collaborate on this with partners from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Lesotho, and South Africa during a session convened by the Multilateral Partnership for Organizing, Worker Empowerment, and Rights (M-POWER) , a global initiative that unites governments, unions, labor academics, and civil society organizations committed to working in partnership to uphold and promote worker empowerment and rights.

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