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Financial sanctions: guidance – GOV.UK

Recent Regulations & NewsFinancial sanctions: guidance - GOV.UK

Published 29 May 2013

Last updated 26 July 2023
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26 July 2023

The Financial Sanctions General Guidance has been updated with an amendment to Section 6.12

12 July 2023

The General Guidance document has been updated to include changes to Sections 6.9 and 6.11 in relation to the licence application process.

12 May 2023

Added Travel Guidance

18 April 2023

Added High Value Dealer Guidance

21 March 2023

Updated Russia guidance – Trust Services sanctions

16 March 2023

Updated Enforcement and Monetary Penalties guidance (O&C)

9 February 2023

Updated Charity Sector guidance (UNSC Exemption)

9 February 2023

Updated with Ransomware guidance

16 December 2022

Russia guidance Updated – Trust Services

4 December 2022

Added Russian Oil Services ban and Price Cap

14 November 2022

Added ‘UK Maritime Services Prohibition and Oil Price Cap Guidance’

29 September 2022

Updated Libya guidance

21 September 2022

Russia guidance updated with questions 24 to 26

30 August 2022

August 2022 General Guidance (expansion of sanctions reporting obligations)

28 July 2022

Updated OFSI General Guidance

19 July 2022

Updated with Russia guidance, July 2022

8 June 2022

Added OFSI enforcement guidance June 2022

31 March 2022

Updated Russia guidance to extend prohibitions to non-government controlled Ukrainian territory

22 March 2022

Updated with latest version of ‘Financial sanctions: general guidance’.

4 March 2022

Updated Russia guidance.

28 January 2022

Updates to ‘Monetary penalties for breaches of financial sanctions: guidance’ and ‘Guidance for the charity sector’.

1 November 2021

Updated “Guidance for the charity sector”.

23 June 2021

Updated Russia guidance

1 April 2021

Updated with April 2021 version of Monetary Penalty guidance

4 January 2021

Updated with Libya guidance

31 December 2020

Updated to reflect end of EU Exit transition period

27 July 2020

Updated with ‘Maritime guidance’

31 January 2020

Updated with ‘Financial sanctions: general guidance’

6 June 2019

Added Russia guidance

21 May 2018

Updated with latest version of ‘Monetary penalties for breaches of financial sanctions: guidance’

10 May 2018

Updated with FAQ guidance for the import and export sector

5 March 2018

Updated sections 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 in ‘Financial sanctions: general guidance’

19 October 2017

Updated to include Charity FAQ

5 October 2017

Updated quick guide to fix broken hyperlink

15 September 2017

Updated with the OFSI quick guide on key information regarding the obligations of businesses and individuals in relation to financial sanctions.

25 August 2017

Updated to improve clarity of information displayed

14 August 2017

Updated monetary penalties PDF – cover picture added

8 August 2017

Updated to bring the monetary penalties guidance document together with the general guidance.

3 April 2017

Added link to OFSI’s guidance on the imposition of monetary penalties.

3 April 2017

Guidance updated to reflect the publication of new guidance on the imposition of monetary penalties

12 December 2016

New section 4.4 added making clear that OFSI expects all designated persons planning to visit the UK to possess an appropriate licence to support themselves legally while in the country.

4 April 2016

Updated guidance

20 January 2016

FAQs updated to reflect the latest notice Iran (Nuclear Proliferation): economic and financial sanctions relief under the JCPoA

14 August 2013

updated FAQs doc

29 May 2013

First published.

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