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Empowering next generations for a sustainable future

Big 4 CornerEmpowering next generations for a sustainable future

To parse out how to engage these generations and involve them in sustainability initiatives, the global EY organization (EYGS LLP) and JA Worldwide, a global nonprofit organization focused on education, conducted a survey in late 2022 to analyze how both younger and older generations regard sustainability education and related activities.

In the survey, EY and JA found that while both younger generations (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) are better educated on sustainability and environmental issues than any generation before, they still desire for additional learning and volunteering opportunities. The survey included 24 questions about participants’ environmental concerns, their current engagement and future action plans, and their ideas for improving sustainability education. This report includes the findings from more than 1,200 responses from 72 countries across Americas, EMEIA, and APAC areas.

For the purposes of this analysis, the following generational birth year ranges were used: Gen Alpha was defined by birth years 2007<; Gen Z was defined by birth years 1997–2007; millennial was defined by birth years 1981-1996; Gen X was defined by birth years 1965-1980; baby boomers+ was defined by birth years 1964>.Throughout the report, the term “younger generations” is referring to Gen Alpha and Gen Z, while “older generations” is referring to millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers+.

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