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Financial sanctions, Mali – GOV.UK

Recent Regulations & NewsFinancial sanctions, Mali - GOV.UK

Published 7 November 2017

Last updated 28 July 2023
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28 July 2023

HM Treasury Notice, Mali, 28/07/2023 added.

20 July 2023

HM Treasury Notice, Mali, 20/07/2023 added

9 December 2022

HM Treasury Notice, 09/12/2022, Mali

10 October 2022

HM Treasury Notice, Mali, 10/10/2022

31 December 2020

Updated to reflect regime coming into force under the Sanctions Act

19 November 2020

Updated with ‘Latest HM Treasury Notice, 19/11/2020, Mali (Correction)’

8 January 2020

Updated with ‘Latest HM Treasury notice, 08/01/2020, Mali’

20 December 2019

Updated with ‘Latest HM Treasury notice, 20/12/2019, Mali’

10 January 2019

Updated with ‘Latest HM Treasury notice, 10/01/2019, Mali’.

21 December 2018

Updated with Latest HM Treasury Notice, 21/12/2018, Mali.

7 November 2017

First published.

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