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Argentina: National Program for the Systematic Disclosure of Mining Activities created

ESGArgentina: National Program for the Systematic Disclosure of Mining Activities created

The ProNDSAM (ProNDSAM for its acronym in Spanish) was created on 3 August 2023 by means of Resolution N° 96/2023 of the National Mining Secretariat.

Its objective is to regulate and standardize the publication of mining sector information under international standards. The data will be published weekly, monthly, and in special reports. Activity indexes will also be published, and all the information will be permanently updated.

The information will include data related to mining exports, provincial origin of such exports, trade balance and evolution of the main projects, employment, and international prices of the most relevant minerals.

The creation of ProNDSAM is one of a series of measures that Argentina has been establishing to guarantee transparency in the management of the mining sector, in coordinating the collection of information on a regular basis, and in systematizing and facilitating access to it.

The Directorate of Mining Transparency and Information will be in charge of running ProNDSAM and in issuing complementary regulations.

Click here to access the Spanish version.

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