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Takeda harnesses the power of the metaverse

Big 4 CornerTakeda harnesses the power of the metaverse

EY teams ran interactive, immersive experiences for the Takeda leadership team through EY wavespace™ to introduce them to leading practices in the metaverse, and to explore what the metaverse could mean for the organization, its employees and patients. With leading-edge collaboration tools, dedicated experience leaders who acted as innovation coaches and a proven approach infused with design thinking methods, EY wavespace helped Takeda bring to life how the metaverse could help enable the future of health care.

Co-creation and agility were the defining characteristics of this four-month project. During interactive workshops, the team was able to define a clear vision and scope for a proof of concept metaverse environment to support an immersive employee experience. Through the implementation of agile sprints, the teams identified and prioritized use cases, established the enterprise architecture and carried out rapid prototyping.

A single vision

The Takeda team worked with EY wavespace to identify and evaluate business challenges the metaverse could help solve. Collaboration across Takeda was key to the success of this project. This required the cooperation of multiple functions across Takeda, including Leadership, IT, HR and Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Research and Development, and Manufacturing.

The engagement also drew on a wide range of technology and business expertise across the EY organization, including innovation, emerging technologies, data and analytics, people and change, supply chain, and transformation.

Takeda leadership found that the atmosphere that EY wavespace created was ideal for innovation.

“EY wavespace was instrumental to this project. It gave us a positive space to convene the wide-ranging perspectives needed to explore the potential of the metaverse, together,” says Barella.

“The exercises we worked through sparked and accelerated the creative leap we needed to advance our thinking about how Takeda, our patients and the wider community could benefit from the metaverse.”

As a result, Takeda was able to consolidate and align around a single vision for the metaverse in a very short period of time: Creating a human-centered digital experience with immersive learning and collaboration to build deeper connections.

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