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HSI Chicago brings cyber, financial threat expertise to annual Secure Cash and Transport Association conference

Fraud, Bribery & CorruptionHSI Chicago brings cyber, financial threat expertise to annual Secure Cash and Transport Association conference

CHICAGO — Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Chicago Group Supervisor Kenny Popovits, and Criminal Analysts Cameron McDougal and Ryan Weemer delivered a cyber and financial threat briefing at the annual Secure Cash and Transport Association (SCTA) Conference in Chicago, Oct. 5-7.

The briefing covered trends in cryptocurrency, cyber-enabled crimes, bulk cash smuggling, and money laundering. Briefers also discussed the role that intelligence and technology play in combatting these crimes and how these crimes permeate the breadth of HSI’s investigative mission set.

The annual event supports the association’s mission to protect, strengthen, and unite the cash-in-transit and cash-servicing industries. The 2022 agenda also featured sessions covering critical issues – in particular, the pandemic – which have impacted the cash industry and trends that will continue to shape the industry moving forward.

“Outreach to the financial industry is very important in combating financial and cybercrimes – they are our first line of defense, and these collaborative efforts are integral to disrupting and dismantling criminal networks,” said HSI Chicago’s acting Special Agent in Charge Sean Fitzgerald.

The SCTA is a non-profit association established in 2013 to represent the shared interests of professionals and organizations in ATM servicing, cash handling/processing, transportation, retail, and safe keeping of cash and coin throughout North America.

Learn more about HSI Chicago on Twitter, @HSIChicago.

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